BunnyCDN Review: Is It Worth Investment?


By Ann Oliver

Do you want your stand-alone business to thrive on the internet with a high-speed and optimally performed site? A high-performance CDN (Content Delivery Network), a well-planned and worldwide distribution of PoPs and servers for limiting latency and boosting site speed, can be your help. 

While roaming around the CDN market for choosing a quality CDN, you will find hundreds of products. If you are searching for a lighting-fast CDN with robust infrastructure, BunnyCDN can be your pick. 

I have put together a comprehensive BunnyCDN review so that you analyse their services and features. 

BunnyCDN Review: The Introduction

Based in Slovenia, BunnyCDN is a high-performance yet cost-effective CDN service that started its journey in 2015, intending to offer visitors an excellent site browsing experience. 

With its geographically scattered 54 data centers covering 6-continents, BunnyCDN ensures your website content loads faster on your users’ devices, thus improving load time. With its Oceania located 6 PoPs, it now can serve the users of New Zealand and Australia better. 

BunnyCDN, with its versatile pricing schemes, features, worldwide located servers, cloud storage, and media file optimisation facility, has already made some of the world’s leading giants like Hyundai, Streamable, etc., hop quicker and skyrocket to success! 

Like 750.000 websites already relying on BunnyCDN, with this high-performance next-generation CDN service, you now have the power to accelerate your application or site like never before!

BunnyCDN Review: Top-notch Features

Now that you have got a brief overview of the CDN company, let’s enlighten you with some of its surpassing features that let BunnyCDN stand out from the pack:

  • 99% Uptime Guaranteed: With data centers scattered in around 28 countries worldwide, BunnyCDN ensures lightning-fast static asset delivery with the guarantee of 99% uptime. Its highly-engineered servers are advanced SSD and NVMe powered that guarantees your web pages will load faster on users’ devices encountering latency of only 30 milliseconds irrespective of their location!
  • Anycast DNS: To optimise website performance and direct users’ requests to their nearest server, BunnyCDN has built a Global Anycast DNS solution, a powerful algorithm to route traffic and manage it efficiently. As anycast DNS can make visitors’ requests hit the nearest PoP facing fewer internet hops, using it can improve load time, resulting in a better user experience. 
  • Intuitive Dashboard: BunnyCDN is not only a top-class CDN service with robust network infrastructure, but it also has super-fast UI coupled with an easy-to-navigate dashboard. 
  • BunnyCDN Image Optimiser: BunnyCDN features an Image Optimiser that comes for £6.74/month that enables web owners to deliver optimised and quality images. With BunnyCDN Image Optimiser, compressing, reshaping, resizing, or minification of your pictures, JavaScript, or CSS files and delivering them as WEBP have become so easy like never before!
  • Video Delivery: Video is the most vital part of modern websites. But it can increase the page size significantly, which can hamper the optimal page loading. BunnyCDN, with its geographically spread servers backed by 18TBPS line capacity and NVMe SSD technology, guarantees your videos don’t buffer, and the visitors can enjoy a seamless viewing experience. 
  • Cloud Storage: BunnyCDN comes with cloud storage of virtually unlimited capacity that enables website owners to store large files and save space on the origin server. BunnyCDN cloud storage permits you to save up to 10TB without breaking your bank (£0.0071/month)!
  • HTTP/2: It also comes with HTTP/2 support to enable a site to load multiple files simultaneously. So you can accelerate your site’s speed by splitting the CSS. Furthermore, with its GZip and Brotli, now, you can compress images for quick delivery. 
  • Free SSL Certificate: Unless your CDN comes with cutting-edge protection, your site content and visitors may encounter security vulnerability. To protect your site, applications, and end-users, BunnyCDN offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. It also allows you to employ other third-party certificates. 
  • Real-time Reporting: BunnyCDN features real-time analytics and reporting for monitoring your traffic, bandwidth used, and cached content for better control and management.

Bunny CDN Pricing

This high-performance CDN service comes at a very affordable price featuring pay-as-you-go pricing with the cost starting from £0.0071/GB!

You have two option:

  • Standard Tire: The pricing starts from £0.85/GB in North America and Europe. With globally positioned 54 PoPs, the Standard tier serves small/mid-sized websites best.
  • High Volume Tier: The price varies depending on the Terabyte used, and you have to pay £0.42/GB for the first 500TB. With 8 PoPs, it is suitable for large websites loaded with videos, pictures, and media files. 

BunnyCDN Promo Code

Do you require a BunnyCDN promo code to enjoy additional services? No matter if you are a new or repeating user. If you have a promo code, you can apply it after signing up for BunnyCDN services and enjoy special privileges!

BunnyCDN Integration with CMS

BunnyCDN, featuring incredible functionalities, also supports easy integration to almost all leading CMSs, including Drupal, WordPress, etc. The process may vary based on the CMS you have. For instance, WordPress supports CDN integration through plugins.

You only have to:

  • Signup to BunnyCDN
  • Create a pull zone and
  • install your preferred plugin specified for your CMS ad configure it

But before that, make sure BunnyCDN supports integration with your CMS. 

BunnyCDN Review: Pros

  • Intuitive control panel
  • 24/7 customer assistance available
  • Facility to add multiple pull zones in a single account
  • Flexible payment with various payment options
  • Comes with Bunny Stream (fully customisable) for online video delivery
  • No additional cost for Bunny Stream
  • Offers 14-days free trial
  • Perma-cache & origin shielding
  • DDoS protection and IP blacklisting for better security
  • Cheapest among high-performance CDNs

BunnyCDN Review: Cons

  • It doesn’t support live streaming.
  • No over-phone or real-time chat for support. The BunnyCDN team helps via email only. 
  • No facility to edit a file once uploaded. You need to delete, edit and upload again.
  • No WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  • It doesn’t support dynamic content delivery.

The Verdict

BunnyCDN, with its surpassing features like cloud storage, BunnyCDN Stream, and Bunny Optimiser and affordable pricing plans, no doubt, can be your choice to accelerate your site performance.

 It is an effortless-to-use yet efficient CDN service that can offer better control over the system and make your website super-speedy!