What forms of ID do casinos accept UK?

November 11, 2022
Ann Oliver

Do you want to enroll in a casino, but are you wondering what forms of ID casinos accept in the UK?

Slot machines with free spins, online poker, slot tournaments, and other popular casino games are available. In the United Kingdom, you must be 18 years of age or older to participate in casino activities and their respective referral programs.

Your details must be verified by a licensed casino operator before you deposit, place your stake on a minimum table, or withdraw your wins. When registering on one of the gambling platforms, a punter must provide a photo ID, proof of address, and payment identification.

Forms of ID That Casinos Accept in the UK

In the UK, gambling platforms are obliged by law to confirm the age, UK registered address, and payment method of a punter. This is before they can access the full features of a betting platform. These ID details should be collected and verified before completing the registration process. However, the above ID methods may vary from one gambling platform to another. Let’s dive into the three main requirements in detail without further ado.

1. Age verification

The age of a member who would like to access a gambling platform is a crucial reason why an online betting account needs some verification. In the UK, you must be 18 years old to gamble. A licensed casino is responsible for verifying your information.

However, if you visit land-based casinos or operations rooms before the cashier pulls their cash box, it is the obligation of the qualified practitioner to check a client’s physical appearance and then decide if the punter is underage or not. In case there are doubts, the cashier will request you to confirm your ID. But this approach is not for online casino players who want to participate in virtual reels.

Online casinos require slot players to provide valid government documents such as a Full Driving License, Passport, and National Identification Card to verify their age. Note that no paper version of the above description is acceptable. Your age must be verified before you enjoy your preferred online slot machine at any casino in the UK

2. UK Registered Address

When you are required to show a UK-registered address, you must present utility statements from banks, phone bills, or the council. The receipts should be issued within a three-month period.

3. Payment ID

Payment ID entails using a recent banking statement or a scanned picture of the front and back of your bank card. However, if you decide to use the scan photo of your bank card, be cautious about covering up the CCV code on the back of your card. Don’t share your CCV details. A casino does not verify this information, so it is risky. For instance, if you share your CCV details cyber-criminals may intercept your mail, and might fraudulently use your card.

Note it is advisable if you have a UK bank account that uses your current registered address, to use its details when you sign up for a gambling account. Later you can decide to switch to another payment option. Although some gambling sites with online slot machines may permit you to place your stake before verifying your account, these gambling companies cannot approve your slot machine payouts from your substantial wins before confirming the registration process.

UK gambling commission

The UK Gambling Commission is a reputable organization known for setting the standard to which the gaming industry must adhere. Any form of table game is permitted in a casino. The conditions of its license require any online casino operating in the United Kingdom to conduct gaming ID verification.

Whether it’s a foreign casino based in Las Vegas and operating in the UK, they must verify a new member ID before a punter can deposit or stake a certain amount. The commission further requires the online casino to have structures that offer financial support and mental medical care for young gambler who doesn’t have control over their gambling practices.

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