Smart Interactive Whiteboards

April 17, 2022
Ann Oliver

In today’s world, technology is an integrated part of our daily lives. Whether we’re at home, in school, or at work, we’re surrounded by technology.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your classroom, consider upping your interactive whiteboard skills.

Interactive whiteboards are an easy and inexpensive way to provide engaging lessons for your students.
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What is a Smart Interactive Whiteboard?

It is a large display board in form of a whiteboard used to display images from a computer screen. It is a digital projector used in learning or at work for a wider audience.

The student or teacher can interact with the images on the screen and they can alter the images using a tool depending on the point they are trying to explain.

The computer that is connected to the whiteboard runs an app and relays the image to the projector. The whiteboard detects the image from the contact points of the screen and send the contact points to the computer.

Types of Smart Interactive Whiteboards

There are several smart interactive whiteboards used in schools today, and they are classified by the technology they use. These technologies include:

  • Resistive technology.
  • Electromagnetic.
  • Laser scanners.

Resistive technology involves a pointing device. The composition of the board is what is important and the membrane that’s stretched over the board and when pressure is applied contact is made with the backplate.

The electromagnetic whiteboard uses a system of wires behind the solid board. The wires interact with the coil in the stylus tip to determine the coordinates of the stylus. When close to the board the mouse pointer is sensed and the board can handle multiple inputs.

The laser scanner uses an infrared light on the surface of the whiteboard. When the surface of the board is pressed the location of the stylus is triangulated by the software.

Smart Interactive Whiteboard Solutions For Business And Education

Smart interactive whiteboards are good tools to have for business and educational purposes.
It is an excellent way for employers or project managers to engage their team when planning their projects. Teachers also find it useful when engaging their students because they offer better visuals and are useful for brainstorming.

The Smart boards create an interactive business environment because people can use it for note taking and participation during the meeting.

Interactive Whiteboard & Smart Boards

Although they serve the same purpose, they have fundamental differences. The Smartboard enables more users to use it at the same time, but from different locations. People can use the Smartboards remotely and that’s one useful aspect especially for people who work or school from home.

The functions of the interactive whiteboards are same to that of the Smartboards. You can write or draw with your pen o the boards and the projectors senses when the pen moves. The advantage is that any flat surface can be turned into an interactive board. They are small and easily moved to other classrooms or board meetings.

Smartboards and interactive whiteboards both control your computer and they are interactive. Touch is a feature they both have which makes it fun for students to use.

The costs of these two boards differ because of their different features. Smartboards are generally expensive but it would be wise to consider other aspects. The size of the room matters when choosing between the two boards. Interactive whiteboards would be ideal for classrooms because they differ in size.

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