What Does Content Delivery Network (CDN) do on The Internet?


By Ann Oliver

In this article, we will discuss what content delivery network does on the internet. Also, we will discuss CDN, the benefits of using CDN is, and is it the same as Webhosting.

What is CDN?

CDN is known as Content Delivery Network, and it is geographically based things. These are servers that are there in each country in the world. When they come together, they provide fast and quick delivery of internet content to the user.

The CDN allows the quick transfer of assets for the loading of the HTML pages. It can also be used for javascript files, style sheets, images, and also videos. The popularity of the CDN service keeps on growing in the market, and many people are using it.

The major sites like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon use this for different things. These are some of the websites which are majorly used and have either image or videos. CDN is a service that is being used majorly, and it keeps on growing day by day. If you are using a properly configured CDN service, then you can fend off malicious attacks.

Is CDN the same as web hosting?

CDN does not replace content on a website, nor does it host any kind of content. The CDN only helps to cache the content on the network’s edge until requested. This improves the website performance and stops it from lagging and also hanging.

Many websites are suffering from the common problem of using web hosting that is buffering and others. So they are shifting to use CDN as an alternative and a quick solution for all of their problems. CDN will also help a person save their network utilization while they are surfing a website.

What are the benefits of CDN?

Here are some of the benefits which you can get from using CDN.

  • Improving website load time

This means the CDN reduces the loading time of the website a lot and saves time as well as the internet.

  •  Reducing bandwidth cost

Since it takes less bandwidth, it helps to bring the user a less bandwidth cost.

  •  Increase content availability

This is a fast network system and brings the content on the page when requested and that too quickly.

  •  Improving website security

A CDN improves the security of a website by using the DDoS migration facility.

How does CDN work?

CDN forms a network of international servers which are linked to each other. Here the content is available cheap, quickly, reliable, and is also secure. There are Internet Exchange Points (IXP) which are used by internet providers.

CDN can reduce the cost of the user and also helps them to save a lot of time which is spent on loading. There is also a server called the origin server, which is the mega server of a continent. If someone requests any data, the request will go through the origin server to the CDN server to the customer. CDN has global data access points and is also designed to survive carious internet failures.

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